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“Visit was to ease my aching (snow shoveled induced) back and to start investigating how I could best keep an old bicycle injury to my knee from progressing rapidly.  Chad not only made both sore areas feel better with massage, he took the time to both ask questions and assess the best areas to work on during the massage.  After he offered exercises to help maintain and strengthen.”

"Chad's massage techniques have helped me get back to my outdoor activities and his personal training knowledge, especially around shoulder rehab has helped me immensely. The specific shoulder exercises are working really well. I've been testing it out. Was out climbing and hanging off my bad shoulder no problem this week. So stoked!"

- Ryan, Canmore

- Amanda, Calgary

Thanks Chad, I very much appreciate his knowledge of muscles and skeletal aspects of the my rotator cuff injury.

- Lucille

"Chad is definitely the best therapist I have had in my life over 20 years of seeing massage therapists to relieve an overuse whiplash neck injury.  He has amazing anatomical knowledge intuition and magic hands!"

- Tina, Calgary

Chad is an incredibly intuitive and gifted man. He understands the body not only on a muscular level but also on a deep energetic scale. He is soft spoken with a calm and positive presence. I recommended him to anyone who wishes to be in greater alignment and open up blocked areas within the body. 

"Chad was amazing, he gave me a great deep tissue massage and worked hard to massage out my shin splints. I appreciate his professionalism and desire to help."

- Julie, Canmore

- Evie, Canmore

Have an injury? Not for long! I'm a national team level athlete and just coming off shoulder surgery I needed that edge to get me back to doing what I love on the World Stage. Chad is that Edge! With deep knowledge of the shoulder and how the rest of the body is affected he was the perfect fit for me. Now I not only go for my shoulder but anything else I feel needs work. Recommended him over and over! Enjoy!

- Kris, Canmore

You may not remember me, you helped me with my arthritic shoulder back in April 2019.  I just wanted to share another update with you. Today, I just did my first (pretty much) pain-free giant set of pull-ups!  Range of motion is still an issue, but I believe I am making progress there too!  I am convinced that your prescribed yoga exercises were just as effective as the HA injection I received in making this possible.  I just wanted to share that with you – and thank you again

- Kieth Calgary

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